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... the really big show!
The supposedly contemplative time of the year ...

Time and again it turns out to be a balancing act between the desire for peace and comfort on the one hand and hustle and bustle, hectic rush and stress on the other. We have someone for you who can hardly be disturbed. So to say rather seldom and little, if so, then often and a lot. After quitting his postal service, Hans-Hermann Thielke slowly but surely mutated into a thoroughbred entertainer. In a way, on the second educational path. As such, he is surrounded by top-class artists and the ladies have also got wind of the whole thing. Will he stand his ground and ascend like a meteor to other spheres or will he lose his bearings in the world of great showbiz? ... there's no business like show business ... Thielke shows us all. Curtain up for a big mess!
Barbara Schöneberger writes about Thielke: “The uncrowned Pope of Ostholstein. Thrilling! "


Hans-Hermann Thielke moderation and comedy
Ava, la dame en verte-eccentric comedy
Katrina Asfardi contortion and vetical bar acrobatics
Trio Beautiful-Trio acrobatics
Alexandra Malter-Hula Hoop
Kelly Huesca sand painting and dopsball juggling
Thula Moon air ring

Directed by Pierre Caesar
Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break
A BASE BERLIN production in cooperation and with the kind support of More Promotion. Subject to changes.
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