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                     Soulful! Dynamic! Powerful!                  ​

This spectacular show made a mark in the universe of international variety!
An audiovisual experience that becomes a different dimension of entertainment with the first-class artists on stage and casts the audience under its spell.

Under the motto Beats, Dance and Bodyart Kostiume, there will be a dynamic and powerful encounter between rhythm, body art and dance. Breathtaking acrobatics where you can hear your heart beating.

SIGNUM aims to break boundaries and get the soul vibrating. Four pillars determine the sweeping overall concept: Artistry, music, dance and lighting design.

Don't just tell about visions, but make them tangible.

The intensity of the interaction is determined together with the artist. This ranges from purely text-based applications to complex, three-dimensional environments .

SIGNUM, moves, electrifies and takes you into completely new spheres. Here everything is based on powerful impulses and dynamic driving force. Brilliant music, top-class artistry as equivalent components create incredible images on the stage and on various video walls and alleys through interaction.

Everything is staged in a virtuoso way by a young ensemble.

Sina Brunner: Tissue Loop, Air Ring & Pole
Mario Español: Equilibristics & Flying Pole
Donial Kalex: LED Visual Poi & Juggling
Saleh Yazdani: Equilibristic, partner acrobatics & rocking horse
Anna Shvedkova: air ring, partner acrobatics, dance trapeze & dance
Selina Luana Dietrich: Cyr Wheel, Aerial Net & Dance
Mona & Laura: Duo vertical rope, Duo Cube & Duo straps
Jessica Savalla: Hula Hoop, Balls Juggling & Clubs Juggling
Light design: Sustain - Andreas Schäfer
Directed by Pierre Caesar
Show duration: approx. 2 hours including a break
A production by GOP showconcept in collaboration with the kind support of BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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