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Berlin is weird, Berlin is fascinating, and Berlin is incredibly diverse. A mixture that can be experienced not only on the streets of the city, but from May 6, 2010 also on the stage in the Berlin Wintergarten Varieté. The show is Berlin. MADE IN BERLIN!

A dazzling program - as lively, extraordinary and varied as the city itself. Big, impressive pictures. Small, enchanting scenes. Sometimes light, sometimes powerful and dynamic; sometimes playful, sometimes erotic and sensual. That is passion that is contagious. Breathtaking and exciting, then again gracefully tender performances, the incredible effort of which seems to disappear behind the apparent lightness of the presentation. And a man who juggles faster than eyes can follow.

This summer, artists with an irrepressible zest for life, who simply have fun with life, meet in the winter garden. Who have something to say. Acrobats who reflect a feeling of life full of energy, who break new ground. Artist between circus arts, dance and theater.
Artists made in Berlin.

And the unique Berlin connection is also reflected in the music - from Marlene to Peter Fox; from the 20s to today. Music from all over the world, with songs by people who lived the rhythm of this city or who still live today. Impulsive like the city itself.
Music made in and for Berlin.

Most of the actors in Made in Berlin come from the State School for Artistry Berlin and the creative forge BASE Berlin; some of them are now export hits in the world of artistry. Almost all of the acts were created in the capital, and many have received international awards. Under the direction of Pierre Caesar & Markus Pabst, the strength and creativity of the metropolis of Berlin come to life on the stage of the Wintergarten Varieté.

BASE Berlin was founded two years ago with the aim of networking artists and directors, choreographers, filmmakers and photographers. The concept worked quickly. BASE Berlin is now a popular address when directors from all over the world are looking for new trends for innovative shows. Above all, BASE Berlin stands for the approach of continuously breaking new ground, bringing artists together and creating a lot of fun and a positive attitude towards life. Three of the BASE performances were invited to this year's circus festival "Cirque de Demain" in Paris. With Eike von Stuckenbrok (handstand equilibrism on a mannequin) and Rémi Martin (Chinese mast), two of them were awarded bronze - an international breakthrough.

Eike von Stuckenbrok is already an all-rounder in her early 20s. For two years he has been conquering the major variety stages with his handstand art. So far he has shown various performances: hand on hand, bungee, equilibrism, solo pole (Chinese mast), double pole, and his own handstand creation on a mannequin. It will be interesting to see what he has come up with for the winter garden.

David Pereira can bend like no other man. The art of contortion and dance seem light and playful to him. BASE Berlin discovered the young Spaniard while on vacation and worked with him on the performance "Twilight" - danced acrobatics, full of melancholy and power, lightness and elegance.

In his performance on the Chinese mast, Rémi Martin unfolds an irrepressible charm and a huge wave of zest for life that leaps over to the audience. At MADE IN BERLIN, Rémi is now daring a double pole performance together with Eike von Stuckenbrok.

Kati and Philipp - a hand-to-hand duo that tells stories of their relationship in an unusual way: the dance combines strength and harmony. The two are also a couple in life beyond the stage, and have been since the times when they began their careers at the children's circus. In addition to their aerial silk presentation, they are showing a brand new hand-to-hand performance.

The exceptional Ethiopian juggler Girma Tsehai developed his unusual performance at BASE Berlin: Bouncing (juggling on the floor) takes on an unprecedented dimension that makes every billiard player pale. After his engagement at MADE IN BERLIN in the Wintergarten Varieté, New York will initially be his home - the American Big Apple Circus has hired him for a full year.

The trapeze is Mareike Koch's passion. Her incredible presence completely makes you forget how difficult her performance is. She has already appeared in various variety theaters at home and abroad. A great personality who presents her art with a striking ease and elegance.

Nata Galkina's feet should already be known to the Berlin variety-goer. Together with Markus Pabst, the Russian artist developed a foot theater that has impressed itself on the minds of visitors. The antipodist won various prizes with her foot juggling and learned her skills in Russia and her acting skills at the Folkwang School in Essen.

Pablo Caesar toured the world with his twin brother Pierre. As the “Caesar Twins” they appeared in the legendary London West End with Sir Elton John, Joe Cocker and Andrea Bocelli, and Queen Elisabeth also attended one of her appearances on the “Royal Variety Show”. While his brother Pierre has now specialized in directing, Pablo is showing a creation with artists from the BASE Berlin ensemble.

The Dancing Trapeze by Francois Gravel is certainly one of the most innovative performances in modern variety. Many tricks are unique to this day, especially the playful nature of the demonstration is trend-setting. The result is a dance acrobatic freestyle that connects heaven and earth.

…of ordinary Madness
Artistry & music to the rhythm of the metropolis
Direction: Pierre Caesar & Markus Pabst
Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break

A production by Wintergarten in collaboration and with the kind support of BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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