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Like Berlin Die Show - The fantastic capital city show.

Young, peppy, strong sound with a lot of "oomph".
Young artists, diabolo in high end art, elastic bodies, breakdance elements.

Here you will experience that capital city feeling in the best and most entertaining way: “Like Berlin” explores the soul of the city and, together with artists from the creative forge “Base Berlin”, searches for the true spirit of this untamed metropolis. The fireworks of Berlin sound, unusual acrobatics and cosmopolitan city feeling were created based on the values campaign of the same name and their search for the special “Berlin Code”.
If you want to understand this exciting city, you should book “Like Berlin”. With innovative acrobatics and rough Berlin humor, the first-class artists make the lifestyle and the diverse faces of this metropolis visible on stage and try to track down the spirit of Berlin. They embark on an exciting expedition with the audience. Instead of the usual sequence of numbers, we experience stories that sweep away.

Tarik Usman
Oscar Kaufmann
Carlos Zaspel 
Mario Espaňol
Girma Tsehai,
Bertan Canbeldek
Guillaume Karpowicz
Anissa Elakel
Marie Oldenbourg
Nathalie alarm clock
Jakob Vonau
Florian Zumkehrs 
Vincent Wagner 
Ena Wild 
Lukas Thielecke
Direction: Pierre Caesar & Markus Pabst
Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break

A production by Wintergarten in collaboration and with the kind support of BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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