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The miraculous story of the fat man who could do almost nothing.

A story of survival in the sadness of everyday life, through the power of imagination.

Mr. Mutzmann is an always conscientious, orderly and punctual civil servant - caught between file numbers and numbers. To escape his boring routine, he came up with a simple but clever idea. He assigns a meaning to every number he encounters: a feeling, a color, an event, a name, a place. Thus, in front of his inner eye, new wondrous worlds and adventures arise in which he can lose himself. One day it makes NO WELL and like a blow Mr. Mutzmann hits his very own, heroic story, which always slumbered deep inside him.

Collins Brothers Comedy
Jack Woodhead moderation & music
Saleh Prince Yazdani handstand & partner acrobatics
Donial Kalex Juggling & LED
Markus Pabst Comedy, Juggling & Partner Acrobatics
Duo Sienna air ring & pole
Alessandro di Sazio Pole & Dance
Anna Shvedkova trapeze & partner acrobatics
Ye Fei singing

Direction: Pierre Caesar & Markus Pabst
Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break

A production by GOP showconcept in cooperation with More Promotion and kind support from BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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