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"One sees clearly only with the heart!"
A plea for life, cast in a poetic story and spectacular artistic images: This is “Station 7” - the latest masterpiece by cult author Markus Pabst and Berlin director Pierre Caesar. The congenial duo has carried the “Little Prince” - the favorite book of millions of people worldwide - into the modern world. The hero of "Station 7" is a patient in a children's hospice. With courage, the “Little Prince” and the help of his friends, he succeeds in transforming the hospital into a place of joy and joie de vivre. “Station 7” is groundbreaking variety entertainment for all generations. The show is also a tribute to the work of Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen and his foundation "Humor helps healing", which the GOP has supported for years. “Station 7” is also available as a novel.


Giulia Reboldi-aerial acrobatics, comedy

Tim Kriegler straps

Aniko Serfözö tightrope dance

Ihor Yakymenko-Chinese Pole, Breakdance

Nathalie Wecker-Equilibristik, partner acrobatics

Niklas Bothe-Vertikaltuch, Hula Hoop

Toke Reimann-Cyr Wheel, partner acrobatics

Maik Dehnelt singing

JARNOTH puppeteer, puppet director

Ernesto Lucas HO-Diabolo, the art of drawing

Direction: Pierre Caesar & Markus Pabst
Book: Markus Pabst
Music: Jack Woodhead, Lukas Thielecke
Choreography: Alessandro Di Sazio
Set design, costumes: Monica Danielsson Bichsel
Light design: Pierre Caesar
Show duration: approx. 2 hours including a break
A production by GOP showconcept in cooperation with More Promotion and kind support from BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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