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A circus story

A lot is known about the life of the great and brilliant composer Ludwig van Beethoven, but by no means everything.

A secret correspondence between Beethoven and the poet prince Goethe on the occasion of a new opera would surely have remained undiscovered forever had GOP director Markus Pabst not found it by chance in the dusty attic of an old building in Bonn. A sensation! The opera tells the story of a rich but sad prince who loves a courageous but very poor circus artist and through her learns what makes life really meaningful. The sensational subject, of course, was taken on by the vaudeville director king Markus Pabst immediately after it was found and began to develop a glamorous production in his honor. Is that true? Let's leave it aside. Because in the world of shows and the very best entertainment, music and artistry, anything is possible at any time. And only the artful mixing of reality and fiction opens new doors, enables refreshing ways of thinking and, above all, makes one thing: fun! First-class songs, artistry of the highest level and a great story - the "Lost Work" delivers all of this!  
Markus Pabst - winged word
Jack Woodhead - winged vocals
Tim Kriegler - straps
Anthony Venisse - clowning
Collectif A4 - Tom, Alluana, Julien, Emilie - gym wheel, Chinese pole, duo juggling, air ring, flying pole, vertical rope, fan & whip
Director: Pierre Caesar, Markus Pabst
Music: Jack Woodhead, Lukas Thielecke, Ludwig van Beethoven
Choreography: Chris Myland
Stage design: Reinhard Bichsel, Monica Daniellson-Bichsel
Light design: Reinhard Bichsel
Playing time: approx. 90 minutes
A production by BASE BERLIN and GOP showconcept.
Subject to changes.
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