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Trillion Dollar Company GmbH


Founded by the Caesar Twins (Pierre and Pablo Caesar) and Markus Pabst in 2008.

BASE BERLIN sees itself as the art pool of a new generation of artists and performers and is the platform  young independent creative from the fields of artistry, dance, stage design, lighting design, video, photography and acting. This is where new performances and shows are created in collaboration with choreographers, directors, stage designers, lighting designers, stage technicians and photographers as well as in a constructive mutual exchange with one another.

BASE BERLIN is equipped with a training room, photo studio and rehearsal stage on Holzmarkstr. 25th

In 2008 and 2009 Base Berlin provided all artists for the show "Made in Germany", which played for 10 months in all GOP theaters across Germany. Here all newly developed performances were presented to a wide audience. “Made in Germany” was only the beginning of a long-term cooperation between BASE BERLIN and the GOP Entertainment Group.

Meanwhile, a new generation of outstanding talents from the base is out and about in the theaters and presents with the show "BASE", "LE CLUB",  "KAWUMM" the latest developments from the Berlin creative forge. 

Due to the high creative potential, artists from BASE BERLIN quickly influenced the international artistry scene. Artists who have developed and formed in Base are now represented at all major festivals, such as the Cirque du Demain in Paris, and are attracting attention as award winners.

BASE BERLIN artists are now highly sought after artists and play in the shows SOAP, Jamie Oliver Dinner, 7 Fingers - Traces, Cirque Eloize - ID, Palazzo, DUMMY and have worked in Dubai, Holland, Canada, England, Korea ...

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